Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why God made humans?

Me: Papa, why God made humans?
Papa: because he wanted someone to play with ... some toys... hence he made us.

Me: God is not a kid (anymore) Krishna is grown up, Lakshmi is grownup... all other God I know are grown ups... There is no Kid - God
Papa: Probably god can grow in either direction... he can become older if wants and younger if wants... when he made humans, he was a kid and playful.

Me: OK ... next topic.... why scientists names are some what strange "Newton", "Einstein"
Papa: No... we have common names like Dr C V Raman....
Me: Oh !!!! why do these scientists have wierd hairstyles?
Papa: They did not have time to bother about their hair styles....
Me : Do I get to become a scientist when I complete university?
Papa: probably...yes.

I want to become a biologist when I grow up and work on DNA ... not sure what all it means ... I just want to become a scientist and become as inteligent as papa.

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