Friday, August 19, 2011

My view on Fashion .....

Here is what I wrote about Fashion.

Few more questions :

what is net weight? Net = mosquito net and Weight = bulky people?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Buddha is god of china

Me : papa why do you have holiday on this tuesday?
Papa: It is birthday of Buddha. You can use this opportunity to know about him. Do you know who he is?

Me: Yes. He is Godess ... sorry .. God of China.
Papa: God of China? How do you know that?

Me : My sister told it
Papa: Your sister?

Me: yes... but I also saw it on "Choota Bheem" cartoon. In that... I saw some mountains, trees and people ... all looked like China. In that there was a temple and a statue of Buddha. Hence I think he is god of china.
Papa: So sweet of you .....Interestingly Buddha was born in India and there are many indians called buddhists who worship him.

So .. what do you think is Buddha god of china?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My annual day - I as Panjabi Girl

Tooday (26 Feb) was our annual day. I dressed up as a Panjabi girl and participate in a musical...

When I became the teacher...

Thanks to Tarannum Mam - I got a chance to stand as a teacher and explain to the class - what I know about solar system and our planet earth.

Some of my friends did not understand what I am trying to explain.. dumbos....

Maam took my photographs and posted it on school notice board. I felt very happy. Many friends in other class I A are very intelligent, they write very fast... I wanted my class to beat them .. hence I did this.. took a class to show them that Class I B is also very intelligent.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Robots in ATM machines...

My father gets money from ATM machine. Today he bugged me to tell I know about ATM machine. Here is what I think about ATM machines. These machines have a family of small robots packed in a box. These robots do the work in side the machine. They really lead the life like us inside there. They even see TV when they have no work (no one trying to get money).

Big thing that these ATM's do is robots inside them "make money". When people come, key in the password they check the password if correct, they will ask how much money required and make that money and give it.

If ATMs (robots in side them) make money - why can't every family has one ATM so that they can get money whenever they want... That is not possible because ATM machines are costly and there will be no space in houses to keep ATM.... neighbors also might trouble and some times thieves may steal machine and they can start making money.

All of this looks fine ... but papa told me that all this is WRONG ....I wish my idea was true... robots making money. Anyway I am happy that I know now how ATM's work... not sure how many of friends know this ... tomorrow I will surprise them....

Yesterday I purchased a "sword" --- I like it very much... I will fight my papa with this sword...