Thursday, October 15, 2009

Near Diwali .... what is happening

1. My quesiton is which God's birthday is Diwali ? Deepa is Deepa but what is vali?
2. Papa forces me to eat bananas --- Am I a monkey to gulp bananas like that ? I like apples?

3. I am seeing Bala Ganesh - I like all these Ganesh, Hanuman and Krishna. But I wonder what about vishnu? He was not born like kid - He was born as big man. He is god.

4. The ladybug stays where?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Second rhyme ... everything is inside everything else

The fan is in the house
The house is in the building
The building is on the road
The road is in Pai Layout
The Pailayout in Bangalore
All the people stay in the building.

My first rhyme - that I made ...

Here it goes ... I created it while I was vacationing in Honnavara/Goa.

Across the London Bridge, there was a farmer's Hut
there was a sunny day and all the animals living in
farm hut got tanned and they all went running to the London bridge.

How is it?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I want to know ...

1. How does Brahma looks like?
2. How does he create kids and gives them to mothers on the earth?
3. Why dog, cat have tails?
4. what is the portion of the face between nose and upper lip is called as?
5. Do boy babies born to fathers and girl babies to mothers?
6. Do first born babies come through mothers and next ones from fathers?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have so many questions ...

Here I start .... not sure when will I stop asking these questions?

1. Why Lord Krishna and Shiva are blue in color?
2. Why earth does not stop rotating? Only then aeroplanes can take off right?

Welcome to my world

Hi I am avantika, a 5 year old kid studying in UKG, in bangalore India. My dad is helping me to create this blog and write my ideas and questions that I have about the world around me... so that I can read them when I growup and laugh at myself...

Keep posting ... especially if you are my age ....what questions you are having about the world?