Friday, December 31, 2010

Jiggling motion of atoms, big bang and Polar bears

I saw this Feynman video and I am very interested to see jiggling motion of atoms.

Papa - can you get me a magnifying glass to this motion... right now? Can I see atoms?

Also, I want to see more and more videos about big bang...

You know what ... when big bang happened - our universe was born - if I see big bang, I can see how a baby universe would like. Some time later, some stars were made and galaxies. One Sun was also made.

Another thing -- it seems that polar bears like spy cameras -- is that right?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

awesome updates....

I have started doing Suduko's ... like them very much.

Sometime back I saw on a book "Oxford University Press" --- then said to my Dad "dont press there" .. funny no?

Can't wait few things like my dad's birthday, my cousin Krishna to come and enjoying Christmas holidays.

I was dressed up as a "Bengali" girl during my school exhibition and explained india's foods to the visitors.

See you next year.... keep reading