Friday, December 31, 2010

Jiggling motion of atoms, big bang and Polar bears

I saw this Feynman video and I am very interested to see jiggling motion of atoms.

Papa - can you get me a magnifying glass to this motion... right now? Can I see atoms?

Also, I want to see more and more videos about big bang...

You know what ... when big bang happened - our universe was born - if I see big bang, I can see how a baby universe would like. Some time later, some stars were made and galaxies. One Sun was also made.

Another thing -- it seems that polar bears like spy cameras -- is that right?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

awesome updates....

I have started doing Suduko's ... like them very much.

Sometime back I saw on a book "Oxford University Press" --- then said to my Dad "dont press there" .. funny no?

Can't wait few things like my dad's birthday, my cousin Krishna to come and enjoying Christmas holidays.

I was dressed up as a "Bengali" girl during my school exhibition and explained india's foods to the visitors.

See you next year.... keep reading

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My biology department building

Here is my concept Biology department where I would do my research on DNA...
Papa would you build an biology department for me like this?

Why God made humans?

Me: Papa, why God made humans?
Papa: because he wanted someone to play with ... some toys... hence he made us.

Me: God is not a kid (anymore) Krishna is grown up, Lakshmi is grownup... all other God I know are grown ups... There is no Kid - God
Papa: Probably god can grow in either direction... he can become older if wants and younger if wants... when he made humans, he was a kid and playful.

Me: OK ... next topic.... why scientists names are some what strange "Newton", "Einstein"
Papa: No... we have common names like Dr C V Raman....
Me: Oh !!!! why do these scientists have wierd hairstyles?
Papa: They did not have time to bother about their hair styles....
Me : Do I get to become a scientist when I complete university?
Papa: probably...yes.

I want to become a biologist when I grow up and work on DNA ... not sure what all it means ... I just want to become a scientist and become as inteligent as papa.