Friday, March 28, 2014

To Europe,3 countries,10 days

Hey followers!

Yup,it is me,Avantika again, and I am 10 and this year, I am going to be 11!

         Okay,let us stick to my new thing.I am going to Europe, this summer(well,in the month of may.For India,it is summer.)I am going to Paris,Venice,Flowrence,Geneva,Interlaken

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A note to Archaeologists of future...

Me and my friends at Harsh Paradise Aundh Pune (where we stay currently) are doing a service to mankind of future (man and other to-be discovered life on the earth including aliens).  We are burying items that we use as proof to future generations so that about say 500-600 years from now if archealogists dug up our area (Aundh Pune) - they will get the stuff that we have put up and will know what we kids played with and used.

Cool idea right?  What I plan to bury is one of barbie doll and this note to Archaeologists.

Let me know how do you feel it !!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I think I can become a scientist now

My papa bought me a "science kit" today. I am very excited to do experiments and learn things. I and papa went out to find sand so that we can do experiment to demonstrate solutions - salt dissolves in water and sand does not.

We even tried to replicate "dead sea" effect by pouring large quantity of salt in water. After some amount - salt did not dissolve. Papa explained to me that that is a saturated solution and can no longer take more salt.

Some how I could not make some heavy objects float on this saturated solution of salt as compared to plain water like dead sea. May be something is missing. I will find out what.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kitchen stove on bed?

What my mom's kitchen stove is doing my bed? Well.... mom has given this stove for me to play. So... I took it my playing room (which also is my sleeping room) to play ...

With papa - I had great fun in cooking on this stove.

Welcome to my concept hotel

Heard of hotel MIST ARIAMIA? Here it is -- you are welcome

Friday, August 19, 2011

My view on Fashion .....

Here is what I wrote about Fashion.

Few more questions :

what is net weight? Net = mosquito net and Weight = bulky people?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Buddha is god of china

Me : papa why do you have holiday on this tuesday?
Papa: It is birthday of Buddha. You can use this opportunity to know about him. Do you know who he is?

Me: Yes. He is Godess ... sorry .. God of China.
Papa: God of China? How do you know that?

Me : My sister told it
Papa: Your sister?

Me: yes... but I also saw it on "Choota Bheem" cartoon. In that... I saw some mountains, trees and people ... all looked like China. In that there was a temple and a statue of Buddha. Hence I think he is god of china.
Papa: So sweet of you .....Interestingly Buddha was born in India and there are many indians called buddhists who worship him.

So .. what do you think is Buddha god of china?